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August 2017


In the first four months of our financial year (April to July) we have fed 873 people (including 329 children). This equates to over 10,000 meals!  We distributed approximately 9.5 tonnes of food.  However, during that time we have received donations of 6.3 tonnes.  Our warehouse stocks now stand at 7.9 tonnes and we are very short of some items, as you will see from the shopping list.


We have serious shortages of:

  •        Fruit Juice (1lt Longlife)
  •        Longlife Milk · Cereal Bars
  •        Instant Mash · Coffee (small jars please)
  •        Tinned Tomatoes
  •        Instant Meals (e.g. Pot Noodle, Instant Pasta etc


We also need:

  •        Tinned Snack Meals (e.g. Beans with Sausages, Ravioli, Macaroni Cheese etc)
  •        Tinned Fruit
  •        Packets of Custard (to be made with boiling water)
  •        Sponge Puddings · Tinned Rice Pudding
  •        Sugar (500g bags please, if possible)
  •        Chocolate treats
  •        Cold meats
  •        Instant mash


PLEASE NOTE: We are grateful for your donations to the Braintree Area foodbank. However, please note that we can only accept donations of freshly-bought, unopened and undamaged goods which are still well within their “use by” date (no less than 6 months). We cannot use items which do not meet these requirements, and the donation is wasted.


The Braintree Area Foodbank has undertaken two new projects in recent months.  Eat Well Spend Less is a six-week cookery course, teaching people to make cheap nutritious meals.   This has run in Halstead, in conjunction with the Children’s Centre.  Feedback from those attending has been very good and we hope to be able to offer the courses in Braintree and Witham in the future.  Our second project is our Fish Club, which provides a cooked meal, once a week for families for the six weeks of the school holidays in Braintree.  Families are referred by some of our agencies and schools in the area have also referred pupils and their families.  The sessions have been well attended and again feedback from families has been positive.  We will be offering the meals in the Half Term and Christmas holidays and hope that perhaps next year we could have clubs in both Halstead and Witham.


Items required May 2017. Click to download list
Shopping List for May 2017.pdf
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Very many thanks for the tremendous response at St Mary’s Harvest Festival in the donations for the Braintree Foodbank. 

We donated 15 very full bags of food and toiletries to the Foodbank.  These were delivered on Friday to very appreciative Foodbank volunteers at the Witham Methodist Church.

Congratulations St Mary's

Kelvedon St Mary's Donation Certificate
foodbank poster.pdf
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Ways to support us

As you know church donations account for approximately 36% of the food donated to us.  We would certainly struggle to feed our clients without your donations.  Over the last three years our donor churches have proved very loyal.  When we started foodbank we did wonder whether contributions would tail off as time went on but that has not been the case, in fact new church donors have started collecting.


There are other ways to support us in addition to providing food.  Whilst all the food is donated we do have other expenses we have to cover, transport costs, administration and printing, postage, warehouse costs and, of course, we now have to pay rent on our warehouse.  It currently costs us something over £2,500 per month to cover these expenses.  The foodbank actively seeks as much grant aid as we can get but in many cases grants have provisions which means we have to provide some of the money from our own resources.


About 2½ years ago we set up a Supporters’ Group to enable people who wanted to give us financial support (in addition to or instead of food donations) to help us on a regular basis.  We have not really promoted this widely but feel that now is the right time to make others aware of the group.


Find out about our supporters group
Foodbank Supporters Group Leaflet.pdf
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Find out how much we contributed this year
Foodbank End of year poster 2015.pdf
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