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Centenary Banner

We have decided to make a Centenary Banner to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War.  The banner will be displayed in St Mary’s Church.  It will take the form of the Pentecost Banner with each person being responsible for one of the hundred squares that will form the patchwork banner. 


To get everyone started we will be holding a Banner Launch/Workshop on Wednesday, 13th June from 7.30 p.m. in the Church Rooms.  If you would like to be part of this initiative, do join us for what we are sure will be a lively evening.  As well as collecting your square you will have the opportunity to begin decorating it, and if you need help there will be plenty of opportunities to seek advice, and materials and threads will be available to help you get on your way.  Experience is not necessary, just come along and take part – you will be very welcome.


Geraldine, Gill and Cherry.

St Mary's Kelvedon Questionnaire

We would like to thank all 42 people who took the time to fill in our recent congregation questionnaire which asked, amongst other things, whether the 10 a.m. timing of Family Worship convenient (66% said yes) and if you liked the lay-led services (a gratifying 93% said yes and they would come again).  The results of the questionnaire will be used to help us plan future services.

The Royal British Legion Big Poppy Knit 2018 - Falling Poppies for the Fallen

Your help is needed to knit or crochet lots and lots of poppies for the Royal British Legion Big Poppy Knit 2018! To commemorate 100 years since the end of the First World War, the RBL will be creating a very special display of poppies in remembrance of all those lost and injured at St Mary's Church.

To read more and access the patterns, please use the side menu or click here

Tommy Garwood - The Homeless Wanderers

Simon and Liz's son Tommy and two friends are driving a motorised Rickshaw across India to raise money for charity. The charities they are fundraising for are :- The Down's Syndrome Association, Cool Earth and the Teenage Cancer Trust. Thank you for your support.

Congratulations on reaching the finish line, well done!

PCC meetings

St Mary's PCC meeting notes can be found on the designated page in the Key Information menu.  Click here to read

St Mary's Church Survey

Please click on the link below to complete the Kelvedon St Mary's Parish Church Survey. (This link will take you off the site).



MMU Commissioning Service

On 11 July 2017 a commissioning service was held at St Mary's Curch. This was a service at which  we joined the Thurstable and Winstree with Kelvedon and Feering Mission and Ministry Unit. There are now 11 parishes who will support each other and work together.

Craft Day

We had another wonderful craft day, thanks to Cherry and her band of helpers.  We learnt to felt, applique, flower arrange, knit, crotchet, cross stitch, sketch, bead and make boxes and raised over £250 for the Church.  An excellent day, enjoyed by all.

St Mary's Crib Service

Wow.......what a fantastic turnout at the Christmas Eve service at 4:00pm - a whisker under 300 people. The church was packed and people were standing at the back and the sides! There were more bags of toys than we could count!  The generosity was overwhelming and we would like to thank you all so much!


We thought you would like to know that the cash collection for Homestart came to about £523 and a cheque has now been forwarded to the charity.  This money will help them in their work to support young families this year.


Thank you once again for your support and we wish you all a very Happy New Year.

Youth Club


Kelvedon And Feering Youth Club
For Years 6-9
Every Thursday during Term
starts...Thursday 22nd September

at… Kelvedon United Reformed Church (URC)
High Street • Kelvedon

with youth worker Jules

Feering is on YouTube!

Feering Church launches YouTube Channel


We are pleased to launch our YouTube Channel – All Saints’ Church Feering


If anyone would like to make a donation towards the upkeep of All Saints’ Church Feering and the installation of the kitchen and disabled toilet facilities, please contact:


Jean Yems, Assistant Hon. Treasurer - Tel. 01376 571787


Please note: Cheques should be made payable to “Feering Church”.

A Gift Aid Form is available from Jean Yems. 

Foodbank Latest

Go to our Braintree Foodbank page for the latest update and shopping list.

Access to the Bell Tower

For information about bell ringing and the Bell Tower please see the designated page, which can be found in the 'Key Information' menu.

Christmas Tree Festival

St Martins Cemetery Feering


We are all grateful that St Martin's Cemetery is such a peaceful and restful place. All Saints' Churchyard itself is closed, so St Martin's is effectively the churchyard of the parish church. The PCC is responsible for its upkeep, and we especially want to thank our wonderful volunteers Beryl and Carole, for all their hard work and superb commitment  in keeping it in such good order.  If you also care about St Martin's and wish to see it stay as it is, then please contact one of the Church Wardens and the team will be delighted to have extra help.


The PCC has noticed that a number of headstones are now quite seriously loose, some dangerously so: one small push will make them topple over. If left untended they could cause serious injury. All the headstones concerned are on the immediate right-hand side of the cemetery as you enter from the Coggeshall Road. It must be stressed that the care and maintenance of headstones (including any costs) are the responsibility of the families concerned, not the church or our volunteers. Loose headstones should be fixed firmly so that they are not in danger of falling, thereby risking injury to people (visitors as well as our cemetery volunteers) or of being damaged themselves.


If you have a family member buried in St Martin's, please check that the headstone is secure; if you know of other people with relatives buried here then please make them aware of this notice.  If dangerously loose headstones are not made secure, the PCC has the right to have them laid flat. This would be unfortunate as well as unsightly, but it will be our only course of action to ensure that there is no significant risk of injury in the cemetery.


For the information of all local residents, we would like to to point out that St Martin's Cemetery is an extension of All Saints' Churchyard and is therefore governed by churchyard regulations. I need to emphasise that these regulations are laid down, not by the PCC or the parish priest, but by the Chancellor of the Diocese, the Bishop of Chelmsford's legal officer, and contain clear, detailed information on what is and is not allowed in a churchyard.

While Feering residents have a clear right to be buried in St Martin's, having a grave or ashes plot there does not mean that families can treat it as if it were their own private plot or family garden: the land is still churchyard land, and not privately owned.


However there are a number of graves and ashes plots in St Martin's that clearly don't comply with diocesan churchyard regulations. According to the regulations all graves, other than historical ones, should be laid to grass with no additions or ornamentation. Artificial flowers (except for Remembrance Day poppies and wreaths at Christmas), plants (including shrubs and conifers), ornaments and similar items are among the things which cannot be authorised. All kerbstones, fencing, stones and chippings on graves need to be authorised in writing - and such authorisation is both very expensive and extremely difficult to obtain. While the PCC has no immediate plans to have such items removed, it is within its power to do so. It is the PCC's intention to try to bring St Martin's Cemetery within the churchyard regulations at some stage. However I want to make it clear that the PCC has no desire to cause distress or worry to anyone with family graves in St Martin's; we would be very willing to talk to families about the look and condition of their graves.


All Saints' is very willing to help and advise on any care, alteration, repair and upkeep of graves and headstones that is required. Copies of the churchyard regulations are also available for anyone on request. If you have any questions or concerns then please contact me or the Churchwardens.


Revd. Simon Garwood
Priest-in-Charge, All Saints' Church
On behalf of All Saints' Churchwardens and PCC



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