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Annual Parochial Church meeting and renewal of Church Electorial Roll

St Mary’s Annual Church Parochial Meeting will take place on Sunday 7th April at 11.30am in the Church Rooms. Everyone whose name is on the Church Electoral Roll is entitled to attend and take part in the proceedings.  2019 is a year in which complete renewal of the Roll takes place, so if you would like to come along do make sure your name is on the Roll. Application forms are available at the back of church and should be returned to churchwardens Simon or Anne by 17th March at the latest to ensure that we comply with the regulations! Please note that the old Roll becomes defunct so you must re-apply if you wish to be on the new one.

Electoral-Roll-Privacy notice.doc
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St. Mary the Virgin, Kelvedon

Churchyard Rules for this Burial Ground

St Mary’s Burial Ground is subject to the regulations in the Diocese of Chelmsford’sChurchyard Handbook, last revised in August 2018.  A copy is available in the church
and online at  What follows is a brief summary.

Headstones and Memorials over Graves

Please note that there is no legal right to place a memorial or any other item in this burial ground – permission must be obtained from the Priest-in-Charge in each case.

No permanent memorial should be placed on a grave until at least 6 months after the date of burial.  Initially the family of the deceased should make an application for a memorial to the Priest-in-Charge on a specific form (Form CR1, available from funeral directors and monumental masons).  The CR1 form specifies the size, shape, colour and types of stone that may be used for a headstone.  Please note that the maintenance and safety of the memorial placed on a grave is the family’s responsibility.

A plain wooden cross, with the name of the deceased, may be placed on a grave for up to 3 years from the date of the burial (and should be removed once a permanent memorial is in place).

Flowers, plants and ornaments

Graves may be turfed or planted with bulbs or small bedding plants.  No shrubs, roses or trees should be planted.  St Mary’s PCC will seek to mow the grass between graves (and on turfed graves) as regularly as possible. Any other maintenance is the family’s responsibility.

A single flower vase may be set into the base of a memorial but please note that no edging, fencing, kerbs, stones, chippings, artificial turf, glass vases or other glass objects, free-standing flower-vases, etc. may be placed on or around graves.  Please also note that no other ornaments, e.g. animal figures, angels, windmills, wind-chimes, seats, etc. are allowed.

Only fresh flowers, or cuttings from shrubs and bushes, are allowed in flower vases, and all cellophane or wrapping should be removed beforehand.  Please help to keep the burial areas tidy by removing all dead flowers and floral tributes.  All non-perishable material should be placed in the bins provided, but please take all green material away with you and put it in your green bin at home.

No plastic or artificial flowers or plants are permitted, except poppies (or small wooden remembrance crosses) around Remembrance Sunday, and Christmas wreaths.  Poppies and poppy crosses should be removed by the end of November, and Christmas wreaths by the beginning of February.

Cremated Remains

Subject to the agreement of the Priest-in-Charge, cremated remains may be interred, either in the area set aside for them or in an existing family grave (if there is space and all close family members agree). They must be buried at least 12” deep, either directly in the ground or in a fully biodegradable casket.

A plain flat stone plaque, no more than 18 inches square, may mark the place of the remains.  Please note that no other form of memorial can now be allowed.

Please note that that placing anything on or around a grave or a cremated remains plot without permission may be unlawful.  Items should be removed by the family if asked to do so by the Priest-in-Charge or a church officer of the parish.

We stress that all these rules apply throughout the Diocese of Chelmsford and are not specific to this parish.  St Mary’s PCC does acknowledge that, due to practices that have been allowed to continue over several years, several of the more recent graves and cremated remains plots in this burial ground are not in line with these rules.  However we are very willing to work with all families to enable such graves and plots conform to the rules.  If you have concerns about any of this, please contact the Priest-in-Charge or the Churchwardens in the first instance.  Their contact details are on the main noticeboard at the entrance to St Mary’s Churchyard.

Privacy Notices

St Mary's, Kelvedon - Privacy Notice
Privacy Notice - St Mary the Virgin, Kel[...]
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All Saints, Feering - Privacy Notice
Privacy Notice - All Saints', Feering - [...]
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Please see the 'News' page for important information about Feering Cemetery.

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